Barcodes are a great way to be able to transfer data in an analogue way. There are many different symbologies for barcodes. And a broad adoption of Barcodes can be found in retail where EAN-13 is globally used for product identification.

The nature of barcodes makes them an ideal target for SVG. SVG is a vector graphics format that is specified in a XML syntax. In the last years the adoption of SVG improved greatly and thus makes it suitable for usage by a larger audience. For on the fly SVG manipulation Pablo is used.

To create a nice mobile friendly GUI the generator uses Bootstrap and Bootstrap Colorpicker.

For the part of getting the query paramerters with jquery see this Stack Overflow Question.

The social sharing buttons are created by js-socials.

To enable the clipboard functionallity clipboard.js is used.

Usage of the generated SVG

Every major graphics suite and desktop publishing software should support SVG. The layout of the generated SVG is simple and easily human readable. When you happen to use this barcode generator for your product feel free to let me know.

While the process that creates the barcode is run inside your webbrowser you can still use the SVG button to save the file for later use in your software.

Version History

Version 0.1 - 15.01.2017

Initial release with the ability to generate EAN-13 Barcodes.